Options for Documentation

The options tab provides controls to customise planting plans to meet in-house and client standards.

Each plant list can have a unique layer and label style, which can help to manage the display and organisation of plant information in the drawing. Additionally, each species can be distinguished with its own hatch pattern, linetype and colour. Lists can be set up to represent different categories of items such as Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers or even Furniture and Lighting with labels and layers defined accordingly.

Changes in this dialog will dynamically update the drawing. For example, a simple label (such as the Botanic Name) can be used when developing a planting design (or for presentations) and later changed to a key tag and quantity for issue of construction documents - without the need for re-labeling.

Plant Symbols and Blocks

PlantManager comes with a library of 60 plant and tree symbols. You can also use existing drawing blocks if a required library item isn’t available.

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Symbol Library

You can redefine the symbol at any time - substituting one block for another or changing its size or label. Existing drawing blocks can be used as placeholders and modified or substituted with library items as needed.

The provided symbol library can be easily customised by editing the drawing containing plant blocks to include your own symbols. With the addition of a slide file with the same name as the symbol, a preview of the block will be displayed.

Alternatively a separate drawing can be created containing a library of custom symbols. A small library of lighting symbols are provided in the installation.


Each schedule’s format and layout can be customised allowing you to specify its appearance (line weights and fonts etc) as well as the order and number of columns according to the type of data being scheduled. Optionally, a column can be included displaying a symbol or hatch swatch for each item.

Settings defining each schedule can be saved with a name allowing for easy regeneration after changes in the drawing. The area to be scheduled can be specified as a rectangular window, an irregular polygon or the whole drawing.

All schedules can be output to a file for opening in Excel.

Custom Labels

Plant label formats can be easily customised to display more or less information depending on documentation requirements.

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Custom Label Dialog

In addition to a range of pre-set formats, a special dialog (click on screenshot at left), is used to define custom fields and formatting. For instance, the fields defined in the dialog shown in the screenshot together with descriptive text will result in a single label as shown on the right. Each label can be created as a multileader, an associative leader or a simple Mtext label.

All labels can be redefined whether in a standard or custom format with the changes applied to all existing labels objects in the drawing.

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Custom Label Example

You can define labels without quantities as this information is stored in the drawing and schedules will work regardless of the label display. Another custom label definition together with its output is shown in the screenshot here.