New tools and options

Many changes and improvements have been made over the last six months. A lot of code has been rewritten to make processing faster and more reliable. PlantManager has been thoroughly tested and tuned for use with the latest version of BricsCAD - V19 and the recently released AutoCAD 2020.

Thanks to feedback from users, a lot of requests for new features have been built in including the following:

  • A new layer dropdown control in the Options tab to specify an existing drawing layer - or create a new layer.
  • You can now specify a linear plant arrangement (for narrow spaces) by labeling an open polyline
  • There’s a new schedule option to show the cumulative area occupied by plants in a column. And you can now specify schedule elements with upper case.
  • Hatches now update PM labels when their associative polyline boundaries are stretched
  • A new update routine makes easier, incremental updates possible with only an AutoCAD restart necessary to effect the update.
  • In the block dialog, there’s a new control to adjust the position of the label attribute (if included).
  • There’s a great new tool in the palette to zoom to and highlight PlantManager objects in the drawing.

And many other fixes and optimisations along the way!

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