Key Tasks

PlantManager is focused on streamlining key landscape design and documentation tasks including:

  • Plant selection and palette creation
  • Assignment of symbols and graphic elements
  • Labeling plants and scheduling
  • Editing and updating landscape elements as part of project development and refinement
  • Auditing PlantManager drawing data for consistent and accurate output
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Plant Database Browser


Plant data can be imported from many sources including drawing files from past projects and Excel spreadsheets. PlantManager includes a large list of northern hemisphere plants along with a searchable database (see video) of over 6000 Australian native plants.

A library of 60 plant and tree symbols is provided which can be redefined or modified as required. Existing drawing blocks can also be used as placeholders for later substitution with library items if needed.

Drawing Flexibility

PlantManager can represent landscape elements in a variety of ways.

  • Blocks can be used to represent a plant, tree or furniture element, with each symbol easily redefined or associated with additional data.
  • An area object such as a polyline, region, spline or hatch can represent planting of a single species with spacing determining the quantity. Existing drawing objects can be assigned or the program can create areas and label them in one operation. Alternatively, an area can represent a mix of species with quantities defined by spacing and percentage. A seed mix for revegetation can also be specified.
  • Elements which are defined by their length, area or quantity, can be defined in a dedicated list as finishes including mulches, turf, paving, furniture etc.

Plant symbol and spacing changes are quick and easy. When changes are made to defining elements (such as key name, spacing, symbol type etc.), associated labels, boundaries and blocks are automatically updated.
A range of preset label types can be used or a custom format defined (see video) which will enable specific detail information to be shown.


Schedules can be configured to merge all plant palettes together or generate them separately.

Different parts of the drawing can be scheduled and can be defined by windows or polylines. A schedule can be configured with any arrangement of columns including swatches or blocks as a symbol reference.

Schedules can be output to the drawing or exported for opening in a spreadsheet.

Schedule settings can be named and saved to allow quick regeneration after drawing changes. Also tools to display generated schedules and their selection areas are provided.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible schedules with rates for cost estimates
  • Extensive, editable plant libraries
  • Searchable database
  • Fast and responsive
  • Command line access
  • Customisable to meet office standards
  • Personalised support
  • Utilities for landscape documentation
  • Audit functions

Software platforms

PlantManager is available for three CAD platforms:

  • AutoCAD 2010 - 2020
  • BricsCAD V17 - V19 - requires BricsCAD Pro
  • AutoCAD LT 2016 - 2020. Requires separate application CADSTA Max. Please email for trial details.