About PlantManager…

My fascination for programming began in earnest when I purchased AutoCAD (Release 12) to support my work as a landscape architect and I discovered opportunities for customisation using various programming applications packaged with the software.

PlantManager evolved as I learned how to implement ideas in code which could dramatically improve productivity compared to the less fun, manual methods of producing planting plans.

What started as a very basic routine which printed out plant labels, provided the impetus to learn and code much more, building on some simple ideas.

It seemed there was no limit to what was possible which motivated me (and still does) to keep improving, aiming to make the software intuitive to use with relevant, effective tools for landscape design and documentation.

So PlantManager has evolved over many years of practice and with lots of ideas and feedback from colleagues in the industry.

Hopefully, you will find it easy to set up, useful, and sometimes fun!

I’m keen to hear your feedback and ideas for improvements 🙂

David White