Version 3.5.5

April 2022

PlantManager for AutoCAD®
versions 2010 – 2023

PlantManager for BricsCAD Pro
V18 to V22.

Information about BricsCAD Pro here


To install, download and run the setup file.

Install from a user account or as an administrator (right click the install file and run as administrator).

The target install directory will default to a writable location (My Documents folder) for a user installation however other writable locations can be chosen.

If installed with administrator privileges, each user who logs into the workstation will be setup when they next start an AutoCAD® session.

Following installation, start AutoCAD® or BricsCAD to complete the setup. If it’s a first time installation, a new menu titled ’PlantMan’ will load and a sample drawing will open.

You can also manually install to a network location which can be shared among different users. This involves moving library files after an initial workstation setup.

All workstations can then set up PlantManager by browsing to the installation folder and using the Appload command to run the ’pm_setup.vlx’ file.

Please email if you would like further information about this option.


If there’s an existing installation of PlantManager, reinstall to the same directory.

This approach should be taken if an update is being performed or if both AutoCAD® and BricsCAD are installed on the same system.

Uninstalling PlantManager

To uninstall, take the following steps.

  1. Type ’Menuload’ at the command prompt, select the ’Landscape’ or ’PlantMan’ item in the window and click the Unload button.

  2. Click the Uninstall PlantManager shortcut in the PlantManager folder within the Windows start menu (or Uninstall a Program from Control Panel).
  3. Plant Data files installed with the software are located in the users roaming directory (ie. C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\PlantManager) and are not automatically removed, these will need to be manually deleted.

A new installation of the software can be made to the same or a new location.


Purchase a single user license for AUD $625 (+ GST in Australia).

Discounts apply for multiple seats.