Streamline landscape design and documentation tasks

Key features

  • Intuitive interfaces for creating and editing landscape plans Learn More
  • Create hardscape (finish) and softscape drawings at concept and documentation stages Learn More
  • Source plants from a searchable database, drawing file, Excel spreadsheet and text file Learn More
  • Includes a large collection of tree and plant symbols. Customise with colour, linetype and hatch fills Learn More
  • Flexible graphic styles, layers and label formats to help standardise documentation¬† Learn More
  • Store project data in drawing files, Excel worksheets and text files
  • Customisable schedules can include rates for cost estimates, total areas and a graphic symbol Learn More
  • Drawing audit functions


  • Set up lists for a new project by importing from a library drawing file, an included database or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Draw using familiar tools and assign to a list item by labelling.¬† Or, the program can create boundaries with hatches and label them in one operation.

  • Change anything (label format, key name, spacing, layer, symbol type etc.) and the drawing will be updated.

  • Schedule different parts of the drawing with a window or polyline boundary.
  • Audit drawing data for consistent and accurate output