Schedule Properties

Double clicking a saved schedule (or clicking the round expand button) will open the Schedule Definition dialog.

Use the ‘Schedule Definition’ section to name the schedule, select lists and define an area to schedule. On the right side, the columns to be output in the schedule including an optional symbol column as well as columns for costing can be specified.

Use the Save button at the bottom right corner to apply changes to the selected schedule.


Enter any descriptive schedule name

Schedule Title

Enter a schedule title when palettes are set to ‘Merge’.  When ‘Separate’ lists are set, each palette is scheduled using its name as the title.

Include palettes


Lists can be merged together or be drawn as separate schedules.

Select the palettes you want to include in the schedule using the control key to make multiple selections or by clicking and dragging to highlight a selection.  Use the arrow buttons to the right of the window to reorder palettes.

When merging lists, the topmost list’s column selection (see the Schedule Columns window) are applied to all lists below it.


Use the selection buttons to specify an area to schedule, either the whole drawing, a rectangular window area or a polygonal area of any shape.

The WPolygon option can use an existing polyline as a selection boundary or you can draw one by typing the letter D at the command prompt.

Note: Selection boundaries must surround all parts of a label including leaders and arrows.  In the case of symbols, the boundary must completely surround the block object with no part of the symbol overlapping the boundary. Symbol labels created separately are not used for scheduling purposes.

Polygonal schedule boundaries are saved with the drawing (after creating the schedule). When retained, they can be moved and stretched to change the selection area.

If the polyline is deleted, saved data will be used for the schedule selection area. You can regenerate and highlight a deleted Wpolygon by clicking on the ‘Show’ button in the schedule dialog. 


Specify an insertion point for the schedule in the drawing area. Schedules can only be created in model space. 


If a Window or WPolygon option is chosen, click the ‘Points’ button and follow the prompts to specify a Window or draw / select an existing polyline. 


The ‘Show’ button is activated when a Window or WPolygon selection method is current. Clicking the button when a Window selection is current will zoom the display to show the selectiion area with a temporary rectangle drawing showing the selection boundary.

When the WPolygon option is set, the predefined schedule boundary is regenerated (if deleted) and highlighted.

Get Palettes

Click to scan the selection area for plants or finishes which are found and highlight the lists they belong to for inclusion in the schedule definition (if required).

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