Flexible and customisable plant data

Plant Sources

Plants can be sourced from a database, drawing file,  text file or an excel spreadsheet.

PlantManager includes a large list of northern hemisphere plants and a searchable database of over 6000 Australian native plants.

A supplied library drawing includes data for several thousand plants with an emphasis on species suitable for and native to New Zealand.

The included Australian plant database is searchable and includes details about each entry such as flower colour, habit, form, origin, soil type, propagation, uses and others.

You can browse the database by genus and species or search for plants according to specific criteria.

A drawing file can be developed as a database for regional specific plant palettes arranged in relevant lists or categories.

Plant data can be associated with specific blocks, colour, linetypes and hatches to standardise drawings and use in a template for a new project.

This video shows access to plants from the Excel import module

(photos not supplied with the software)

Plant Symbols and Blocks

Several symbol libraries are included with the software.

Most blocks can be customised with a colour outline and some with a translucent fill or hatch.

Existing drawing blocks can be utilised as a placeholder to be modified or substituted later with library items as needed.

Symbols can be redefined by changing size, colour, symbol type, and label arrangement.

The default library can be customised by editing its drawing to include your own symbols. With the addition of a slide file, a preview of the block will be displayed.


Customisable symbol colours
Symbol Selection Dialog