A-Spec Export

This release provides tools to convert details in a finish list to asset management databases that comply with A-Spec standards – a suite of specifications supporting the delivery of as-constructed information that facilitates infrastructure asset management in Australia.  

The tool works with AutoCAD Map3D and Civil 3D.

This feature can be initiated from the Field Name dialog which provides a new field definition button when running with Map3D or Civil 3D. After initialising, new asset ‘layer’ categories are available in drop down menus (in the spreadsheet view) for assigning to finish list items.

As all items in a finish list are defined as either an area object, a linear element or a symbol, these data types align with GIS shapefile data requirements and those to describe A-Spec asset data.

Using PlantManager dialogs, you can assign data categories to items in a finish list and include associated attributes for export to a GIS shapefile.

Data is exported on required layers with conversion to a standard coordinate system.