Manually Add

Add entries from scratch

Using the palette

Right click in the lower pane of the palette to open the submenu and select ‘New…’

Palette right click menu options

Enter details for the new entry as required in the dialog which opens…

New Item

Using the main dialog:

Open the main PlantManager dialog by typing ‘pp’ and ‘Enter’ (or type ‘pd’) at the command prompt.

  1. Click the ‘Add’  button at the bottom of the dialog.
  2. Enter a key name in the edit box. Each key name within a list must be unique.
  3. Enter a botanic name or other information relevant to the second field.
  4. Enter any other information to define the entry such as a spacing or pot size. If you want to define a symbol with a block, leave the spacing field blank.

Click the Add button to go through the cycle again

Display the key name together with the botanic name in the main list by checking ‘Show First Field’ at the bottom of the window.

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