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Import Data

The file import dialog allows you to browse project drawing files (or .pla files) and import the lists saved within (including configuration and associated blocks) into a new or existing drawing.

Access the Import Plant Data dialog by clicking the File File… button at the top right of the main dialog.

If the current drawing is empty, the Import Plant Data dialog will open and prompt for a drawing file to select.

If the drawing already contains PlantManager lists, the Manage Lists window will open.
In this case, click the import button to open the Import Plant Data dialog.

File Import Dialog
File Import Dialog

Import from a drawing

  1. Browse the file system for drawing files containing plant and finish lists to import. If a drawing file contains PlantManager lists they will be displayed in the right-hand pane as shown in the screenshot above. If lists are not found a message will display.
  2. Select the desired lists to import. If you want to import more than one, hold down the control key while making a selection.
  3. Click the ‘Import’ button to import each selected list including its configuration and associated blocks into the current drawing.

Import from a .pla text file

  1. Using the same process you can import a Plant Data text file (.pla file) by selecting this type via the Files of type dropdown control at the bottom of the dialog.
  2. Browse the file system for a .pla file and select it to preview its contents in the right hand list box.
  3. On clicking the ‘Import’ button, all items will be added to a new list with the name of the .pla file name.
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