Hatch Options

Click the hatch check box displayed in the palette or the main dialog to assign a pattern to the currently selected item – or the list in the case of a Mix of plants or seed.

A file located within the users support directory with a .pat extension will be sourced to generate the hatch patterns shown in this window. Additional patterns can be included by editing these files. (See the relevant customisation guides for AutoCAD / BricsCAD for more information)

Hatch Dialog


You can specify a unique layer for hatches by including a suffix in the Layer edit box. Without a suffix, the hatch pattern is created on the same layer as specified for the item object.

Using the Reset all check box will apply the specified layer setting for all items in the same list as the selected item. In the case of mix lists, the layer of hatches in all other mix lists will be updated.

Scale and Angle

Set a scale and angle for the pattern if desired.

Background Colour

Click the Background colour check box to inlcude a background fill for the specified hatch. A swatch to the left of the check box is enabled and can be clicked to open the colour selection dialog.


Use the slider or type in a transparency value to be applied. Values can range from 1 to 90 with 90 being almost fully transparent and 1 opaque. A value of 0 will apply transparency ByLayer to the hatch object which is the default setting.

Changes to any of the above hatch settings will update all drawing objects previously defined with the pattern.

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