Manage Lists

Use this dialog to rename, delete, import and copy existing lists.

To access this dialog, click the button at the top right of the main dialog.

Rename Lists

Rename a list by making a selection and typing a new name in the edit box at the top. After clicking OK and closing the dialog, the list will be renamed and the drawing updated.

Duplicate or Save As a copy

You can save a copy of the list within the drawing or to an external file by clicking the save file icon. File Export. You’ll be prompted to save the file in the drawing as a copy, or to an external plant data (.pla) file.

If saved to an external file, the list’s configuration including layer names, layer format, field names etc. will be saved.

To delete a list, make a selection and click the delete button on the right.

Import Lists

To import lists from an external file, click the button. The Import Data window will open allowing you to select complete lists from drawing files or from saved plant data (.pla) files.

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