After payment for a license, register the software by emailing a request code to

Generate the request code by clicking the ‘Email Code’ button in the ‘About’ dialog.

A request code can also be generated from the command line by typing ‘regcode’ and Enter.

About dialog
About Dialog
Trial Version button
Click Trial Version for About Dialog

Access the ‘About’ dialog either from the ‘Trial Version’ button on the Options tab of the main dialog – or from the ribbon menu.

Usually, an email message with the code populated will pop up, addressed to In some cases where an email client is not configured, request code details are printed on the command line. In this case, the user will need to copy and paste into an email message and send to the above address.

On receipt, a registration serial is returned, to be copy/pasted into the application to license PlantManager on the workstation.

The registration serial can be input after clicking the ‘Register’ button of the ‘About’dialog, or by typing ‘pmreg’ at the command line. If PM is not loaded you may need to type this a second time.

After pasting the serial into the dialog, click OK and restart AutoCAD / BricsCAD

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