Schedule Format

Schedule Format

Change text styles, layers and labels for shedule elements in this window.

The check box at the top controls the drawing of borders around cells of the table.

Shedule Format Settings
Schedule format tab

Spacing text

The Spacing Text control sets the format appearing in the spacing column.  The Auto setting will express plant spacing according to the spacing format applied for the list (either no. per m2 or a linear measure). You can override this setting by choosing millimetres, metres or No.

The Schedule Layer edit box controls the layer name for schedules.

Quantity Label

Quantity labels specify the default column labels for all schedules. These can also be overridden by specifying a custom label for a list in the ‘Schedule Definition’ window.

Upper Case

Use the checkboxes to set upper case output for each part of the schedule table.

Text Style

Text style, height and colour can be specified for each schedule component including the title, header and schedule output.

If the provided preset values are not appropriate, you can set text properties for the schedule using the ‘tablestyle’ command after creating a schedule.

PlantManager creates a custom tablestyle for schedules based on the drawing plot scale.

Edit the tablestyle corresponding to the current plot scale – if the scale is 1:250, the schedule tablestyle will be named ‘PlantMan_250_Table’. Edit properties for text height, colour and style for each schedule element as required. Changes will be applied the next time a schedule is run.

Sort By

Use the Sort By drop down to specify the sorting order of data within the schedule. This setting will also change the default sort order in the palette and main dialog.

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