Audit for accuracy

In large, complex drawings, inadvertent changes to labels or boundaries can result in orphaned PlantManager objects which can affect schedule accuracy. This can happen when plant labels are copied for use for other annotation

A new audit tool scans the drawing for issues, fixes them where possible and prints a report to the screen and to file. The routine analyses all boundary objects and labels.

The screenshot here shows a message which appears after copying a plant label to another location. The label is not associated with a boundary. Sometimes there may be multiple ‘orphaned labels’.

Use the button ‘View orphaned labels’ to view the label/s in the drawing. If the label is being used as a general annotation, check the box ‘Remove data from orphaned labels’ and click OK.

Running the audit tool before scheduling will help to ensure PlantManager drawing data is consistent and accurate.

Update: December 2015

The audit tool now checks blocks to ensure they are on the correct layer.

There’s also an option to add an existing block to a new list by changing its layer to match the new list and copying it in the drawing before running ‘PMAUDIT’.