With this update, easting, northing and elevation coordinates can be printed in a schedule. This feature can be used to create a set-out drawing. The coordinate system (UCS) current when the schedule is saved is used to generate Easting and Northing values.

Key words are used in the field names to flag inclusion of the data in the schedule. The words Easting, Northing and Elevation will generate output in the schedule. This feature only works with blocks – either in a finish drawing or planting plan and with a separate schedule, not merged.

A drawing is provided in the installation file (or download here) which can be imported (metres units) with predefined symbols and field name setup.

See the video here for a quick overview.

Coordinates in schedule

Also new is a revamp of the documentation with some new help buttons which link back to the web site.

And some bug fixes to limit fallout from any frustrations…