Palette tool


New to this version is a PlantManager palette which displays plant lists (separately or merged) and includes buttons to label or create plant boundaries or insert blocks in the drawing.

As with all AutoCAD palettes, you can drag it to either side of the workspace, dock it or set it to auto-hide if needed.

The palette displays information about a plant entry via tool tips, showing summary details if they are included.

You can drag and drop blocks into the drawing from the block display as well as modify them by double clicking on the block view.

Also new to this version are improvements and additions to the plant data files including a new Excel File – Aust Selection.xls and a revised Masterlist.pla file – which includes many Northern Hemisphere species.

A new network installation option is also provided.

As with all updates, download and run the setup routine, installing it over your existing installation to upgrade the software.