Hatch and Linetype Tools

The latest version introduces new tools to customise hatching and linetype properties for each plant. Many new plant edge linetypes have been added and you can specify these for plants on the same layer, or for a particular species.

Hatch and linetype property displays have been added to the palette (as seen here) and in the main dialog. These controls appear when you specify a plant which is defined by a boundary polyline. Alternatively, the assigned block symbol will display in this space.

A plant substitution function has been added which allows you to re-label an existing label with a different species (or plant mix). Each label can be considered a placeholder and can be reassigned at any time without having to recreate the boundary, hatch or linetype for the new plant.

Another improvement is an update of the Australian Plant Database with more accurate and consistent information. And a variety of bugs have been fixed.

As this is a major update, download and setup the software over your existing installation.