Block Library Improvements

The latest version brings a new sample block library. It includes tree symbols with solid fills, some with tranparency and others with shadows.

Fill colour is defined ByBlock so override colours can be applied to the symbol. The library can be used as a base for creating new symbols for more illustrative documentation styles.

All block library functions have been overhauled and improved with some new features.

Version 3.4.5 improves importing previous project data. Blocks associated with a list are now imported into a new drawing using the Plants or the File dialog. A block preview is included in the Plants dialog.

This makes standardising palettes of plants or other details across projects easier and avoids having to redefine a list item with a block.

Another improvement assists creation of a user defined block library. Up to now, an associated slide or slide library was needed to get a preview during import (like with the shipped files).

Now previews of blocks found in the source drawing are shown in the import dialog.

Thanks for your requests for these new features !