Interface and hatch improvements

Lots of improvements over the last 6 months.

There’s a new shortcut button in the Plants dialog to import lists directly from project drawing files. The button to the right of the Drawing File button opens the File Dialog from which you can browse previous project drawing files and select lists (including their associated blocks) to import.

Plants Dialog

Schedule controls

Two new controls have been added to the schedule dialog. Long text strings will be wrapped according to a user specified line length. Schedule row heights can be set to apply the highest row for all. Settings are saved with each schedule definition.

Finish schedules now separate the Qty. column into two, a Units and a Qty column. This is helpful when schedule data is incorporated into a spreadsheet and you need to perform calculations on the data.

Hatch colour

Hatch Dialog

A hatch background colour can be applied to existing hatch areas and be turned on or off.

Like other hatch properties, changes made in the dialog update the drawing and schedule swatches if they’ve already been generated in the drawing.

Colour functions have been optimised and swatch representation of true colours is accurate.

Slope setting

The slope setting (on the Options tab) now saves it’s setting to boundary objects when objects are labelled (as well as calculating the increased area according to the grade). You can also reset a slope by re-labelling an existing label with a different value if needed.

Palette Layout

There’s an updated palette layout including a button to get to the Options dialog (in addition to right clicking in the palette).

A status area for messages including displaying current slope settings has been added as shown here.

The New List button has moved to the top of the palette and there’s now an option to specify a seed mix when creating a new mix list.